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About the Sustainable Steel Council

About SSC

The Sustainable Steel Council (SSC) was formed in 2009 to promote the use of steel as a sustainable building material to the various stakeholders within New Zealand's building and property industries.

SSC's membership consists of major steel producers, manufacturing industry associations, the coatings industry, supply chain distributors, contractors and builders, and research and development organisations.

The global steel industry is committed to developing steel as a sustainable form of construction in terms of the triple bottom line objectives: economic viability, social progress and environmental responsibility.

Steel boasts numerous sustainability benefits including low production waste, design flexibility, speed of erection, safety, reusability and full recyclability.

Although these attributes are well-known overseas, and a great deal of international data has been amassed, there is a general lack of awareness of these benefits in New Zealand.

To enable fair comparisons with other materials, one of SSC's priorities is to develop a whole-of-life model that covers the entire lifecycle of steel – from raw material extraction, steel production, coating, fabrication and in-service use, to deconstruction, re-use and recycling.