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Rating Tools

Sustainability rating tools

Sustainability rating tools exist to provide a benchmark for measuring environmental, social and economic performance of products or processes. Many of these tools are related and together can form a series of steps in an organisation’s sustainability journey.


Lifecycle Inventory

Lifecycle inventory (LCI) data
analyse the material and energy flows related to a clearly defined system (the production of 1kg of hot-rolled steel coil, for example).

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Lifecycle Assessment

To understand a product's environmental performance, its entire lifecycle, from cradle to grave, must be considered.

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Environmental Product Declaration

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is a form of ecolabel, which is essentially a product-specific environmental score card.

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Whole Building Rating

SSC encourages full lifecycle

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Sustainability Charter

SSC has proposed an Environmental Sustainability Charter (ESC) for the steel industry.

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Green Star Rating

Green Star is a voluntary rating
scheme to assess the environmental design, efficiency and performance of New Zealand's buildings.

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At present, the Green Star rating
tool only favours reinforcing steel.

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Christchurch: BASE Tool

The NZ Green Building Council
has partnered with the Christchurch City Council (CCC) to create a new building rating tool specifically.

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ISO 14000

ISO 14000 is an international
family of standards related to environmental management that helps an organisation.

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