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Christchurch: BASE Tool

The NZ Green Building Council has partnered with the Christchurch City Council (CCC) to create a new building rating tool specifically for the Christchurch recovery efforts. BASE (Building a Sustainable Environment) is a simple, introductory-level green building assessment for the central city rebuild. The Central City Plan for Christchurch proposes that new office, retail, apartments and mixed-use buildings within the CBD must demonstrate enhanced environmental performance and achieve a "Pass" score under BASE.

Christchurch: BASE Tool

The BASE standard is set to provide a moderate increase in green building practices over standard industry practice and Building Code requirements. The standard is designed to be very achievable for both small and large buildings, and considers site management, services, facilities, comfort and materials.

SSC recognised the importance of the BASE tool for the rebuild and sponsored its development. To achieve a credit for steel as part of the BASE rating tool, the material must be sourced from a responsible supplier – in practice this means the supplier must have an ISO 14000 environmental management system in place, and be part of worldsteel's climate action programme. SSC has proposed the same steel credit to the NZ Green Building Council for the Green Star rating scheme. Current SSC Members New Zealand Steel (a business of BlueScope Steel), OneSteel (a business of Arrium Mining and Materials) Pacific Steel are all members of the worldsteel Climate Action programme.

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