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At present, the Green Star rating tool only favours reinforcing steel.

No credits are yet available for other steel elements of a building such as structural steel framing.

Green Star Rating Steel

To address this gap, SSC has proposed using an Environmental Sustainability Charter for the New Zealand steel industry as a prequalification for a Green Star credit for steel. It means the material must be sourced from a responsible supplier – practically speaking, the supplier must have an ISO 14000 environmental management system in place, and be part of worldsteel's climate action initiative. This approach, which is being used for the Christchurch BASE tool, is currently being considered by the NZ Green Building Council for Green Star.

  • Structural steel
    Structural steel is used in the building and construction industry as load-bearing members of a structural framework. They come in a variety of heavy steel forms such as H-, I- and T-beams.
  • Reinforcing steel
    Reinforcing steel, also known as rebar, is a common steel bar. It is typically used as a tensioning device in reinforced concrete and masonry structures, holding the concrete in compression. Usually formed from carbon steel, it has ridges for better mechanical anchoring into the concrete.