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Steel Fabrication

Steel Fabrication

In New Zealand there are countless steel fabricators who cut, bend and assemble steel using a variety of processes.

The industry subscribes to the lean construction methodology, which is focused on generating the best possible value by minimising the waste of materials, time and effort. This approach goes hand-in-hand with sustainable construction.

Much of the success of the ‘lean' approach to steel fabrication is due to the industry's practice of factory-based working, which is conducive to accurate, quality workmanship. In particular:

  • Components are pre-engineered and fabricated in a safe, controlled factory environment
  • Any waste generated during steel fabrication is recovered and recycled in the steel-making process
  • Automated, computer-controlled production lines turn out high-precision steel components, minimising defects and waste
  • Pre-engineered steel products delivered to the construction site are accurately dimensioned, limiting waste generated on site and allowing simple and quick assembly and erection
  • The high level of off-site fabrication speeds up construction and limits the time that construction workers are exposed to the most common construction accident risks: trips and falls, falling objects and vehicle accidents.