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Sustainable Steel

Sustainable Steel

The construction industry has an opportunity to become a leader in New Zealand’s drive towards sustainability, and the steel construction sector is fully committed to playing its part.

Steel, by its very nature, is lightweight and strong. There are thousands of variations of steel, an iron-based material which can be made, and infinitely re-made, into a multitude of compositions with exacting properties to satisfy a range of diverse needs.

To complement steel's material versatility, it also boasts a long list of sustainable characteristics including low waste, design flexibility, off-site manufacture, speed, resource efficiency, adaptability, demountability, buildability, long-lasting appeal, safety, reusability and recyclability.

It is this unique combination of features that makes steel the ultimate construction material.


Flexible Design

Longevity is an important
sustainable feature. To make a sustainability claim, buildings and infrastructure must be able to adapt.

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The upshot is that it reduces
disruption and disturbance around the site and, importantly, introduces an economic benefit.

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Minimal Waste

Waste is generated throughout the entire construction cycle, from the manufacture of construction products and the building phase.

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Thermal Mass

Historically, buildings designed to
take advantage of fabric energy storage (FES) or thermal mass, were specifically designed to be 'heavy'.

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and Reuse

Worldwide, steel is being increasingly reused in construction.

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Recycling contributes to more sustainable development by diverting materials from the waste stream and by substituting primary resources.

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Steel is arguably the safest
construction material. Components are pre-engineered and fabricated off site in a safe, controlled factory environment.

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Lean Construction

The lean construction
methodology is focused on generating the best possible value by minimising the waste of materials, time and effort.

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Competitve Emissions

Carbon emissions are an important factor in measuring sustainable performance, and steel stacks up.

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