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Flexible design

Longevity is an important sustainable feature. To make a sustainability claim, buildings and infrastructure must be able to adapt and allow for:

  • Extending and strengthening the structure
  • Altering the internal space
  • Upgrading building services and integrating future technology

These factors will extend the life of a structure and extract more value out of the resources that have been invested to build, operate and maintain it.

LongevitySteel's inherent flexibility means it can readily meet all of these requirements, making it the material of choice for renovating and refurbishing buildings.

  • Thanks to steel's superior strength-to-weight ratio, long-span beams allow large column-free spaces, providing flexibility in the floor plan
  • Long-span solutions can also offer flexibility by integrating mechanical services within the structural zone – - openings provided within the web of beams minimise storey heights and, in some cases, allow an extra floor to be included within the same height of building
  • Steel is easily modified if changes are needed during installation
  • Due to steel's inherent lightweight, fewer and lighter foundations are required; this reduces landtake and makes steel particularly suitable for sites with poor ground conditions
  • Major alterations are readily made. For example, extra floors can often be added without overloading existing foundations
  • Steel's 'buildability' allows a smooth transition from architectural concept to engineering design