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Lean construction

The lean construction methodology is focused on generating the best possible value by minimising the waste of materials, time and effort.

Lean construction

This approach goes hand-in-hand with sustainable construction and the steel industry's credentials.

  • All steel construction products are manufactured off site and delivered to site pre-engineered, allowing simple and quick assembly and erection
  • Off-site manufacture is not delayed by poor weather, unlike site construction work. And by reducing the duration of site working, the risk of weather-related delays is reduced
  • The factory working environment produces precision, high-quality products, which can be easily standardised, tested and approved
  • High-tech manufacturing processes minimise defects and waste generation, in the factory and on site
  • Any steel waste produced during manufacture is recycled to make new steel
  • Just-in-time delivery of steel construction components greatly reduces the need for on-site storage of products and materials