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Minimal waste

Waste is generated throughout the entire construction cycle, from the manufacture of construction products and the building phase, throughout the structure's lifetime, and ending with its eventual decommissioning.

Minimal wasteSteel construction, however, has a set of enviable, low-waste credentials which benefit all stages of the construction lifecycle:

  • By-products of the steel-making process can be usefully employed elsewhere. Slag, for example, is used as lightweight aggregate for roading
  • Any waste generated during steel manufacture and fabrication is recovered and recycled in the steel-making process
  • Automated, computer-controlled production lines turn out high-precision steel components, minimising defects and waste
  • Pre-engineered steel products delivered to the construction site are accurately dimensioned, limiting waste generated on site
  • The nature of steel construction means that the material can be easily recovered at the deconstruction phase. This feature, coupled with the economic value of scrap steel, means that virtually all steel is saved for either reuse or recycle