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Life Cycle Association of New Zealand (LCANZ)

The Life Cycle Association of New Zealand (LCANZ), established in 2009, provides a focal point for lifecycle assessment (LCA) work conducted in New Zealand. It promotes networking and knowledge sharing between organisations and people. It also aims to raise awareness of lifecycle thinking amongst business and the wider public. LCANZ has close to 70 members who are spread across all industry sectors, including manufacturing and construction.

Across industry sectors locally and globally, the demand for credible, quantifiable information for products and materials is growing, including the building and construction industry. Architects, engineers, developers and owners want to make informed decisions when specifying materials for their projects.

This demand is driving lifecycle assessment in New Zealand. For the steel sector, the opportunity exists:

  • for New Zealand exports to satisfy increasing international standards
  • for New Zealand products to compete equally with imported products, particularly the growing number from the USA and Europe that hold an environmental product declaration (EPD)
  • to inform New Zealand policy and, crucially, the development of rating tools