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Target Zero

Target Zero

The UK's Target Zero project is a free resource, providing designers, architects and engineers with the guidance they need to meet the British government's target of zero operational carbon emissions in new buildings by 2019. In May 2008 the steel construction sector commissioned a team led by AECOM to carry out a £1 million research project to look at five major building types: school, warehouse, supermarket, office and mixed-use.

The project was completed in 2011 and provides reliable, fully-costed solutions demonstrating how to achieve steel-intensive, low- and zero-carbon buildings with the three highest BREEAM ratings. BREEAM is an environmental assessment method and rating system for buildings in the UK.

The Target Zero project has produced a Guidance Report for each building type. These results are directly applicable to New Zealand, with the exception of the seismic nature of our country.