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World Steel Association (worldsteel)

The World Steel Association (worldsteel) is one of the largest industry associations in the world. It represents approximately 170 steel producers (including 17 of the world's 20 largest steel companies), along with steel industry associations and steel research institutes. worldsteel members produce around 85% of the world's steel – SSC members NZ Steel, Pacific Steel and OneSteel are members of the Association.


Worldsteel, a non-profit organisation, acts as the focal point for the steel industry, providing global leadership on all major strategic issues affecting the industry. worldsteel has a particular focus on economic, environmental and social sustainability.

With headquarters in Belgium, worldsteel promotes steel and the steel industry to customers, the industry, media and the general public. It assists its members to develop the market for steel, and promotes a zero-accident working environment for steel industry employees and contractors.

Lifecycle analysis (LCA) has been a topic of growing interest to the steel industry. In 1996 worldsteel initiated a global Lifecycle Inventory (LCI) study for steel industry products to avoid inconsistency and duplicated effort. This was the first time an international LCI study of a specific material had been carried out. The study was updated in 2000 and more recently in 2010.

One of the primary aims is to build a database and develop a common worldwide methodology for 'cradle-to-gate' steel product LCIs across a representative sample of member companies within worldsteel. Cradle-to-gate is an assessment of a partial product lifecycle from resource extraction to the factory gate (i.e. before it is transported to the consumer). The product's use and disposal phases are excluded. worldsteel's database may subsequently form the basis for full LCAs across broader boundaries and complete product lifecycles.

Worldsteel is encouraging steel manufacturers worldwide to provide data, so that it can develop regional datasets. The organisation is currently supporting an initiative between LCA groups in Australia and New Zealand to establish an environmental product declaration (EPD) system, which is the first step towards LCAs. International worldsteel data can be used as a proxy until New Zealand- or Australasian-specific data becomes available.