BlueScope demonstrates contribution to sustainable development

The Sustainable Steel Council exists to support and sustain the steel industry in New Zealand as a critical contributor to sustainable development and the low-emissions circular economy.

Our members are leading the way in this space.

So we’re excited to share BlueScope’s Sustainability Snapshot for its New Zealand and Pacific Islands (NZPI) operations including New Zealand Steel and Pacific Steel – both SSC Certified members.

What we really love about this report is that it demonstrates how NZPI is contributing to the four ‘capitals’  of  Treasury’s Living Standards Framework – social, human, natural and financial & physical.

This is a core metric in the SSC certification audit, bringing a critical focus on and measure for a truly sustainable steel industry.

NZPI’s “Sustainability Snapshot” demonstrates its commitment to producing steel in the most environmentally  sustainable and ethical way with a few snapshots including:

  • Committed to a 12% reduction in Scope 1 and Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions intensity by 2030/33, for New Zealand Steel iron and steelmaking facilities – based on a 2018 baseline.
  • Supporting 4,000 local jobs and contributing over $600 million per year into the New Zealand economy
  • All employees have access to mental health first aid training led by St Johns New Zealand.
  • Over 98% of the water used by New Zealand Steel on their Glenbrook site is recycled from their own processes
  • NZPI is certified to the rigorous ISO14001 and Environmental Choice Standards
  • Increased our female participation rate from 11% to 19% from 2017 to 2020.
  • Deep community roots supporting a wide range of initiatives

Did you know that when you buy $100 worth of steel made in New Zealand, $80 stays in New Zealand. When you buy imported steel, around $5 stays in New Zealand?

BlueScope is a founding member of ResponsibleSteel™, an international organisation established to improve the  transparency of steel product supply chains. It is also a worldsteel Sustainability Champion.

View the NZPI Sustainability Snapshot here