We’ve witnessed many customers and designers enquiring about sustainability credentials. Will my choice help me get Green Star? Is my decision positively servicing my environment and community?



SSC Chartered Membership aims to help businesses answer these questions and meet expectations. It also recognises any extra work being done by individual members to advance the sustainability of their operations in line with the SSC charter.

SSC Chartered Membership is also recognised as a criterion in the New Zealand Green Building Council’s Green Star (NZGBC) rating scheme under credit 20.


“We all need to play our part in sustainability… our vision with the journey to achieving SSC Chartered Membership is to help businesses identify areas that they can easily improve upon, whilst providing the resources and tools to help them get there.” Troy Coyle, CEO HERA and Chair SSC


Take the journey to become SSC Chartered, giving you independently verified proof that your business, product or service is making positive strides in the natural, financial, social and human capitals.



SSC Chartered membership is obtained through an audit process based on set criteria aligned with the SSC Charter, reflecting Treasury’s Living Standards Framework and relevant Sustainable Development Goals. Taking the journey to SSC Chartered Membership will enable businesses, especially SMEs, to build their skills and capacity.

We support members on the journey with a selection of specifical developed tools and resources available in the Knowledge Hub to complement the certification process. This will allow SMEs to be consistent with larger sector businesses and meet changing expectations of government and the business community.


Interested in starting the journey? Here’s what businesses think about it so far?

“We found the process very useful . . . a great tool for us to keep in mind, to show our customers about how choosing our business/industry has all these positive effect besides just material cost savings.”  Tayo Attenburg, Steelhaus




If you would like to apply for an audit and start the journey to SSC Chartered Membership, please contact us by phone or email here.



Spiraweld Stainless Ltd 12/11/19 NZSSDA Auckland https://www.spiraweld.co.nz/
Grayson Engineering Ltd 21/11/19 HERA, SCNZ Auckland https://www.grayson-eng.co.nz/
D&H Steel Construction Ltd 26/11/19 HERA, SCNZ Auckland http://www.dhsteel.co.nz/
SteelHaus Ltd 26/11/19 HERA, NASH Auckland http://www.steelhaus.co.nz/
Steltech 09/12/19 HERA, SCNZ Auckland https://www.steltech.co.nz/
John Jones Steel Ltd 10/12/19 HERA, SCNZ Christchurch https://jjsteel.nz/
Kernohan 10/12/19 HERA Nelson https://kernohan.co.nz/
Stainless Products Ltd 30/01/20 NZSSDA Auckland http://www.stainlessproducts.co.nz/
Pacific Coil Coaters 09/02/20 MRM Auckland https://www.colorcote.co.nz/
Dimond Roofing 09/02/20 HERA, MRM Auckland https://www.dimond.co.nz/
CSP Pacific 12/02/20 Auckland https://www.csppacific.co.nz/
Pacific Steel (NZ) Ltd 30/11/19 HERA Auckland https://www.pacificsteel.co.nz/
New Zealand Steel 30/11/19 HERA, SCNZ, MRM Glenbrook https://www.nzsteel.co.nz/
Steelworks New Zealand Ltd 23/04/20 HERA, SCNZ Tauranga http://steelworksnz.co.nz/
George Grant Engineering 23/04/20 HERA, SCNZ Auckland https://gge.co.nz/
Waikato Steel Fabricators 24/04/20 HERA, SCNZ Hamilton http://www.wsf.co.nz/
M J H Engineering 01/05/20 HERA, SCNZ Lower Hutt http://www.mjh.co.nz/
Global Engineering 08/05/20 HERA, SCNZ Auckland http://www.globaleng.co.nz//
Pegasus Engineering 13/05/20 HERA, SCNZ Rolleston https://www.pegasusengineering.co.nz/
Whakatiki Engineering Ltd 14/05/20 HERA, SCNZ Upper Hutt https://www.whakatikiengineering.com/
Razos Engineering 14/05/20 HERA, SCNZ Hastings http://razosengineering.co.nz/
Eastbridge Engineering 15/05/20 HERA, SCNZ Napier https://www.eastbridge.co.nz/
HERA 18/05/20 HERA Auckland https://www.hera.org.nz/
Jensen Steel Fabricators Ltd 04/06/20 HERA, SCNZ Tauranga https://www.jensensteel.co.nz/
Petone Engineering Limited 20/05/20 HERA, SCNZ Lower Hutt https://petoneengineering.co.nz/
Dixon Manufacturing Ltd 27/05/20 HERA Warkworth https://www.dixon.co.nz/
Longveld Ltd 24/06/20 HERA, NZSSDA Hamilton http://www.longveld.com/
Red Steel Limited 03/06/20 HERA, SCNZ Napier https://www.redsteel.co.nz/
Dan Cosgrove Ltd 17/06/20 HERA, SCNZ Timaru http://dancosgrove.kiwi.nz/
Modern Construction Limited 17/06/20 HERA, SCNZ Hamilton http://modco.co.nz/
Marshall Industries Ltd 18/06/20 MRM Invercargill https://marshalls.co.nz/
Phoenix Steel Limited 26/06/20 HERA, SCNZ Timaru http://www.phoenixsteel.co.nz/
NDA Engineering 30/06/20 HERA, NZSSDA Hamilton https://www.nda.co.nz/
Chapman Engineering 02/07/2020 HERA, SCNZ Christchurch https://www.c-e.co.nz/
Industrial Tube Manufacturing Co 17/07/2020 NZSSDA Hamilton https://www.industrialtube.co.nz/
Culham Engineering Co. Ltd 20/07/2020 HERA, SCNZ Whangarei https://culham.co.nz/
Patton Engineering 17/08/2020 HERA, SCNZ Hastings http://patton.co.nz/