Steel is a proven performer in a circular economy, and an essential part of a sustainable and low emission future for the New Zealand economy.

Extremely resilient and durable, steel has a powerful story to tell. A natural resource that enables sustainable choices, expresses the creativity of our design and construction industry, and directly impacts on our people and the communities we live in. Steel has natural beauty; transformative and personal, shaping a future focused and prosperous steel sector for Aotearoa New Zealand.

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Enables sustainable choices

Steel enables sustainable design innovation, contributing to a low carbon future. Renewable energy sources, such as wind farms, depend on steel and its performance characteristics. Steel enables sustainable choices.


Image – Wind Farm, Makara, Wellington


Builds Beauty

Steel elevates architectural detail and showcases our design innovation. Beauty matched with performance; creating dynamic and unique spaces for us to live, work and enjoy. Steel builds beauty.


Image – Ironbank Building, Auckland