Success by sustainability

Two years ago the 150-year-old steel foundry in Thame A&G Price, went into  liquidation and laid off 100 workers.

Now, it’s not only back on track with a 46-person roster but showing how investment in sustainability is not only good for the environment – but good for business and the community.

A&G Price has just installed 1016 solar 310W panels making it the biggest hybrid in the country, looking to save around $100,000 a year in electricity – and putting whatever they don’t use back into the grid for the community.

The sustainability credentials are impressive – no fossil fuels: all the heat treatment ovens are electric powered; they recycle around 99 per cent of the steel used for melting, and around 90 per cent of the sand used.

And they looking to reduce their carbon footprint in other areas.

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