Sustainability Key Messages – Member Workshop

Have you ever been asked about the sustainability credentials of steel and the steel industry? Or perhaps you’re wanting to develop marketing collateral or a report that provides compelling and credible sustainability information.

We know it’s not always easy to be sure that you have all the right information on hand – and that it’s consistent with what else is being said.

That is why we are offering a special workshop for our members focused around a set of key sustainability messages to use in response to questions relating to the sustainability credentials of steel, to media enquiries, questions from the public, Government or project owners, and to use proactively in your own communications via social media and other channels. We have developed these key messages with sponsorship from HERA.

The Sustainability Key Messages Workshop is specifically designed to:

  • Equip participants to use key messages to confidently and competently communicate about the sustainability performance of steel and the steel industry
  • Give participants skills that will help them communicate for a successful outcome
  • Help participants avoid those “if only I had thought to say that” / “uh-oh, this is getting away on me” communication moments

When: 9:30 to 1:30 Monday 8th March 2020

Where: HERA House, 17-19 Gladding Place Manukau

Who: Open to any members of the Sustainable Steel Council or members of members (i.e. members of HERA, Metals NZ, SCNZ, NASH, and NZSSDA). Will be suitable for staff developing communications, marketing and social media campaigns, and key staff fielding enquiries relating to sustainability (e.g. tender developers, CEOs, marketing managers, sales staff).

Cost: $50 GST excl, includes lunch (please notify of any dietary requirements)


What the workshop will cover 

The workshop will be around four hours. The content will include:

  • Communication contexts overview
  • What are key messages and why they are important
  • The key message development process
  • Sustainable Steel Council’s key messages
  • Tips for ensuring communication is effective
  • How to decide which key messages to use
  • Practice at using Sustainable Steel Council’s key messages

 Hope to see you there.