Welcome Hannah

We’re very excited to welcome our new student intern Hannah Wu.

Hannah, 19, has just completed her second year studying civil engineering at Auckland University. She will be with us over the 2019/2020 Summer academic holiday, to help introduce our members to the Sustainable Steel Council’s new certification tool, which we are developing and will be piloting over the next few months with the goal of making it available online in 2021.

“It’s a really fantastic opportunity for me to learn about how to get a certification tool like this up and running, and to understand about sustainability in the sector,” says Hannah, who is hoping to become a structural engineer when she graduates.

The internship will provide valuable first-hand insight into how businesses can progress their sustainability goals through using the  tool, which assesses a range of factors including how they are delivering to the Living Standards Framework and the Sustainable Development Goals.

“The internship is not technical, but it’s extremely valuable for me in getting a perspective on sustainability and then being able to take this learning with me when I graduate and start working.”

Hannah will also be documenting the Sustainable Steel Council’s journey to date and working on a case study on how buying local delivers to the Living Standards Framework.