Going for Gold, Bronze and Silver

Going for Gold, Bronze and Silver

Building your business’ sustainability credentials is a journey, and it’s one that the Sustainable Steel Council helps you make through the SSC Chartered membership process.

Part of this process is about helping businesses identify where they are at on the journey and helping them identify what’s needed to move on to the next stage.

With that in mind, we’re excited to launch a new three-tier system for our SSC Chartered membership – Gold, Silver and Bronze, designed to better recognise the different stages businesses are at in their sustainability journey – some at the start, some on track and some much further down the road.

Whatever your level, an SSC Chartered Gold, Silver or Bronze membership certification provides independently verified proof that your business, product or service is making positive strides in the natural, financial, social and human capitals. It is also recognised as a criterion in the New Zealand Green Building Council’s Green Star (NZGBC) rating scheme under credit 20.

SSC Chartered membership is obtained through an audit process based on set criteria aligned with the SSC Charter, reflecting Treasury’s Living Standards Framework and relevant Sustainable Development Goals.

Taking the journey to SSC Chartered Membership will enable businesses, especially SMEs, to build their skills and capacity.

We support members on the journey with a selection of specially developed tools and resources available in the Knowledge Hub to complement the certification process. This will allow SMEs to be consistent with larger sector businesses and meet changing expectations of government and the business community.